WordPress Addon

Easy to use and implement

Our control panel and installation guides get you started in no time.You may generate a search box/results HTML code from the admin area, which you can put in any web page where you want to show the search box and the results.

Monetize and earn

Target millions of wordpress users using our priority results and sponsored ads and start earning. You can easily configure the sponsored ads from your admin area. configure the Inout adserver installation url from the admin area. Priority results can also be added from the admin area.

Get faster search result via Ajax

Now with the integration of ajax and json in Inout Search Engine get faster results from our search engine. You can easily integrate this addon to your search engine and integrate in any php or html page to get faster results.

No Coding Required

You need not write a single line of code to show the search box and to fetch the results. Search box/result plug in code handles it automatically.

API Keys

API keys protect your site search data from unauthorized access. You can create up to 10 API keys from your admin area. You may also view the statistics based on API keys which helps you to track the search history and performance from each API key.

Search Logs

Inout Site Search tracks each and every search query request it receive, with all parameters related to the query. It also tracks the API key associated with each query. It helps you to track all the statistical details related to the search queries.

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